Neighborhood Network Information

Where can I find a good plumber? Our BBF Neighborhood Network wants to be able to respond. But, we need your help!

 A bit of history: The brainchild of Lou Vogel, former BBF resident, the BBF Neighborhood Network was developed as a neighborly way of sharing personal opinions about people to call, as well as people to avoid, for basic home maintenance and improvements. Caveat emptor, or let the buyer beware, was one of Lou’s favorite adages. After Lou moved from Brownsboro Farm, Monica Diasio, and Milt Tyree agreed to help keep the network up and running.

We need you! Monica and Milt presently get more requests for info than referrals. Problem is that many of our records date back to the original 1996 listings and few are current.  Please devote time to completing a Neighborhood Network Referral form.  In addition, the same form will be printed from time to time in our neighborhood newsletter, The Farm Gazette, with a reminder. Either drop completed forms in Milt Tyree’s paper box (3808 Ashridge Dr.) or place the same info in the body of an e-mail addressed to him (

Monica and Milt will compile your recommendations and cautions. Current recommendations will also be published in The Farm Gazette. And of course you can call or e-mail Milt or Monica for Network info.


Milton Tyree

Monica Diasio