The following is a brief summary of existing Brownsboro Farm ordinances.  The full text of the ordinances is available for public inspection by appointment with Mayor Jimmy Stout at 502-418-1846.  We are in the process of updating many of our ordinances.  The updated ordinances will be posted in their entirety on the website.  Click on the underlined Ordinances for the complete Ordinance.

Click here for a PDF of all ordinances through 2005

100.Government Organization
120. Legislative Body
120.1Regular Meetings
Regular monthly meetings held at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month, unless the day is a legal holiday.  If so, meeting held the third Tuesday.  Place of meeting:  Brownsboro Farm Community Center.
130.Executive Officials
210.Administrators & Managers
210.1City Building Inspector
220.1Ad Valorem Tax
220.1Annual Budget
240.Purchasing & Contracts
250.Legal Counsel
300.Public Safety
320.Police Protection
320.1Contracting for Police Protection
Provisions for contracts with other Jefferson County municipalities to provide for police protection.
400.Business Regulations
450.Franchises – CATV
500.Traffic Regulations
520.1Speed Limits
Unlawful to operate any motor vehicle above 25 m.p.h.  Fine up to $25.00
520.2Vehicular Operation Offenses
Reckless driving.  Glaring lights.  Required lights.  Anti-noise.  Obstructing traffic.  Fines $5 to $25.
Bicycle to be operated on right side of road.  Motor vehicle not to pass unless it can be done safely.  Bicycle operators to obey all traffic signs and regulations.
No load in excess of county weight limits.  Must be covered to prevent contents from escaping.
530.Signs and Signals
540.Parking, Stopping & Meters
540.1Parking Regulations
Provision for No Parking and No Stopping signs.  No double parking.  At least 12 feet of road to be left passable.  Driveways not to be blocked.  No parking on street for purposes of displaying for sales, washing, greasing, painting or repairing (except emergency repairs). Fines $5 to $25.
540.2No Parking Regulations
Parking allowed on street only when driveway is full.  No parking on front lawn.  No parking on street from 3:00 a.m. to 5:99 a.m.  Fines $10 to $100.
600.Public Works
700.Parks and Recreation
710.Parks and Playgrounds
710.1Closing of Park Property
Unlawful to be on park property between midnight and sunrise without authorization of a city commissioner or police officer.  Fines $5 to $50.
800.Health and Sanitation
830.Solid Waste
830.1Garbage Disposal Service
Garbage subject to decay, other than leaves and grass, to be kept in covered containers or closed trash bags.  Unlawful to accumulate ashes, trash, etc. that can be blown by the wind except in covered container.  Unlawful to dump on any premises without consent of owner.  Provision for contracting for garbage disposal service.
840.Animals and Fowl
840.1Licensing and Regulation of Dogs
Unlawful to keep and animal in a manner or number so as to interfere with the enjoyment of the property of another.  Unlawful to permit a dog to be on city streets unless on a leash or otherwise under absolute control of owner or owner’s agent.  Adoption of Jefferson County Animal Control Ordinance for application in the city.  Fines $5 to $50.
840.2Regulating The Keeping of Livestock, Fowls, and Animals
In the public interest of health, welfare and sanitary conditions it shall be unlawful for any person to keep or harbor any livestock, fowls and animals within the corporate limits of the City of Brownsboro Farm.  This does not prohibit personal pets, provided they are not kept for other persons for profit; for sale to others, or in excessive numbers so as to cause a nuisance within the corporate limits of the City
900.Community Development
920.1Signs in Residential Area
No signs except for the following:  For Rent, For Sale, Open House, (all three limited to six square feet); Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Estate Sale, Auction (to be erected on private property only with the permission of owner, dated and removed within two days of termination date); political signs pertaining to coming elections or referenda (not allowed on city property; on private property only with permission of owner and removed within two days after the election or referenda).
930.Subdivision Regulations
930.1Maintaining Structures and Fixing Permit Fees
Set of plans for any building structure or addition to be submitted to the building inspector; inspector’s approval needed before beginning construction.  No construction without building permit.  No building or structure closer together than 12 feet.  Trailers, tents, shacks, garages, RV’s, mobile homes, etc. not to be parked as to be easily visible from city streets.  Fines $10 to $100.
Unlawful to erect fence on vacant property, except for the purposes of the city itself. Building permit required to erect a fence.  Unlawful to erect anything but a decorative fence in front yard.  Fines $5 to $35
930.3House Numbers
All residences to be designated by numbers clearly visible from the street.  Numbers shall be Arabic numerals at least 3″ x 2″.  Fines $2.50 – $5.
Unlawful to allow grass or weeds to grow higher than 12″.  $25 fine.
950.Code Administration
950.1Registration of proposed construct
1000.Public Offenses and Violations
1000.1Regulation of Firearms
Unlawful to discharge and firearm, including air rifles, air pistols, BB guns, within city limits.  Unlawful to carry cocked or loaded firearms.  $25 fine.
1000.2Control of Rubbish
Unlawful to allow rubbish of any kind to be dumped or accumulated on city or private property.  Residents responsible for providing suitable and sufficient receptacles for rubbish and refuse. 
Fines $5 to $25.
1000.3Abandoned or Derelict Vehicles
City authorized to remove abandoned vehicles from streets.  Unlawful for derelict vehicles to remain within city limits longer that 5 days.  Fines $5 to %50.
1000.4Satellite Dish Regulations
Satellite Dish shall not exceed two feet in diameter.  In may be roof-mounted if not visible from the street.  It must be located in the rear yard, a minimum of ten feet from any lot line and not visible from the street.  There shall be no more than one per lot.