Police – Brownsboro Farm

We have made changes to the structure of neighborhood security using a two-pronged approach. Meadow Vale Police Department has begun providing law-enforcement services to our city

They provide a more personal approach to public safety with a focus on community policing and building trust by being more visual and talking with residents to get to know them and address concerns.

Meadow Vale Police Department offers additional services (no charge to residents) such as a Caring Neighbor program to check on residents who live alone and may need some extra assistance and a Watch House program which offers special patrols for residents that are away due to vacation, illness, etc. Forms to receive these programs will be available on the city website once it is up and running.

Meadow Vale Police Department provides services to two additional cities with on officer on duty at a time to patrol and respond to calls. The phone number to contact the officer on duty is (502) 548-2599.

The officers are on duty during the week from 7 AM to 10 PM. This service is meant to provide additional protection for the city and is not a replacement for LMPD.

Please contact 911 for emergencies and LMPD dispatch at (502) 574-2111 for non-emergencies.