Voting Information

Most of Brownsboro Farm is in Precinct S-129.  The western corner of the city is in Precinct S-118. The boundary runs from the middle of Oldgate Road up Fallen Timber Drive to Ashridge Drive, along Ashridge Drive to Broadland Trail.  Please call any city official if you are unsure where to vote.

 Norton Elementary School, 8101 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40241 is the polling place for Precinct S-118. 

Brownsboro Farm Community Center, 3615 Cascade Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40241, is the polling place for Precinct S-129. 

To vote in Kentucky you must be 18 years old and have lived in Kentucky for 30 days.  For more information on voter registration:  Louisville-Jefferson County Metro, Voters Registration/Board of Elections, 527 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, Ky. 40202-2814, 502-574-6049 or 810 Barret Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204-1766, 502-574-610 You may also email [email protected].   

For online instructions for completing a Voter Registration Card visit  and for an Absentee Ballot Request visit: